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Ready to Respond

Are you ready to respond when a disaster strikes?

Explore below to see how Boulder County residents are getting ready to spring into action the next time there's an emergency. A little time now, could save you a lot in the future.

Are you ready to respond when a disaster strikes?

Explore below to see how Boulder County residents are getting ready to spring into action the next time there's an emergency. A little time now, could save you a lot in the future.

How prepared are you for an emergency? Share your ideas and tips below.

Thank you for taking time to share a story that can help others in our community!

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  • calm 12 minutes but still forgot some things I wanted

    by monikaking, 5 months ago
    Img 9844

    This was a surprising exercise because I calmly (which I know would be different in a real situation) went from room to room and pulled together what I thought I should bring trying to remember the quick list I wrote down just before... I was surprised that I did not take any photo frames and that I did not know what jewelry or heir looms to take with me.  The photo showed everything except the computer and additional waters and almond milks which we always have sitting in the garage and which I would throw into the car.  If we... Continue reading

  • Sheltering in Place

    by ritenour, 5 months ago

    I'm grateful that we enjoy camping because it gives us great resources for sheltering in place! We have a propane stove, lots of fire-starting tools, sleeping bags and space blankets to help us stay warm, and some survival know-how. My husband pointed out that we also have a 50 gallon water heater and if it came down to it, we could drain that and boil it for drinking/washing water! 

  • in six minutes - the bare basics

    by shawnak, 5 months ago
    6 min pile

    After making a short list, by room (awesome idea!), i gathered these basics in six minutes. I was patting myself on the back for being so speedy (and for having a self-loading cat), then stopped because there are obviously some key pieces missing from the pile. It was a great exercise and I'll definitely flesh out my list and absolutely compile a permanent Go Bag to keep close at hand.

  • I Tend to Over Pack...

    by BikeGirl1, 5 months ago
    Img 6064

    My step son and I were reviewing our summers, and I mentioned I had homework this evening and briefly described the scenario. Later, after dinner and discussing pictures, he suddenly proclaims, 'Go! You have 11 minutes!'

    Immediately, I ran for the pantry gathering canned food, protein powder and alcohol (never would have thought of that myself!). I dashed upstairs tossing totes and shoes into my path to be retrieve on my return trip. Personal documents (birth certificate, passport & social security card), electronics including chargers, and back up drives were assembled with all my keys, cash and wallet in one... Continue reading

  • I need to be organized!

    by mepotter, 5 months ago
  • Only 11 minutes?!?

    by sea2sea, 5 months ago
    Img 0065

    If I hadn't had a list, there is no way I could have packed this in 11 minutes.  I'm revising that list to show items by the room in which we keep them.  

    The best timesaver was the duffel bag on wheels so I could throw things in there as I went room by room!

  • Personal documents and a week of clothes not shown by the bugout bag

    by tinaharrop, 5 months ago
  • Vehicle Kit- gathered in 11 minutes

    by Chris, 5 months ago
  • Our Dog Has Her Own Bug-Out Bag

    by aga_bo, 9 months ago

    Our family consists of two adults, two cats, and a dog. In the event of potential evacuation, my wife and I would have to carry our bug-out packs AND the cats. That's a lot to carry, especially if we are on foot! 

    To make this process a little easier (and our own backpacks lighter), we created a special pack for our dog and trained her to wear it. It contains everything she might need to survive for a few days, including high-calorie food, water, her medication, pet first-aid kit, copies of her documents, and lights we can attach to her... Continue reading

  • Emergency Kit - store it in your car or bike

    by amylynnherman, 9 months ago
    Screen shot 2017 04 24 at 9.06.12 am

    Emergencies can happen at any time. 

    While there is a strong risk of experiencing a flood, fire or blizzard in one's lifetime, witnessing or being part of a roadside accident is almost a guarantee.

    I have maintained my 1st Aid / CPR / AED certification courses. But the best idea that has come my way?

    Keeping a pack of sterile gloves and a Trauma Pak in my car. 

    Medical personnel could be minutes away, but what if you don't have minutes to spare? What if you're the first responder to a scene and the person has suffered a... Continue reading